Tighten Stomach To Get Great Abs

    When people say they want to get the "six pack abs", they are thinking the rectus abdominis muscle.
Getting the great six-pack can be done with proper technique and diet.  For most people, these muscles remain
hidden beneath a layer of belly fat.

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    It takes training to increase strength, build endurance, and develop the abdominals, to see the definition in the abdominals is completely the result of low body fat levels.  If people can't see their abs, they naturally have too much body fat covering up the ab muscles.  The lower abdominal area appears to be the first place that most people store the body fat.

Reason Why the Lower Abdomen Flab is the Last Place to Go
    Most people don't have their fat distributed evenly throughout their bodies.  We inherit a genetically determined pattern of fat storage just as we inherit the color of our hair or eye.  The fat seems to stick to certain areas more than others do.
    There's a reason for this.  Fat cells are not just inert storage tanks for excess fuel. They are actually endocrine glands, which send and receive signals from the rest of the body. In plain English, fat cells talk to the body and the body talks to the fat cells. This occurs through a hormone and receptor system.
    For body fat loss to occur, the fat must be released into the bloodstream by the fat cell first, then the free fatty acids must be delivered to the working muscles where they are burned for energy.
    For fat to be released, the hormone adrenaline must be secreted and send a signal to the fat cells.  The fat cells receive this hormonal signal via adrenaline receptors called adrenoreceptors.
    Fat cells have beta-receptors and alpha-receptors. Beta-receptors activate hormone sensitive lipase, the enzyme that breaks down the fat and allows it to be released into the bloodstream to be burned. Alpha-receptors block the fat releasing enzymes in the fat cell and encourage body fat formation. 

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How Body Fat Storage Patterns Affect People
    So, what's the point of all this anatomy?  Well, for men, the lower abdominal region has a higher concentration of alpha receptors, so this gives one explanation of why the lower abdominal region is often the first place the fat goes when people gain it, and the last place it comes off when people losing it.  Similarly, the fat in women's hips and thighs is also higher in alpha-receptors.  This situation is dictated by genetics and by the hormonal and enzymatic pathways.
    Think of ab fat like the deep end of the swimming pool, there is no way the deep end of the swimming
pool can be drained before the shallow end.  However, don't be discouraged by this, lower ab fat will come off, it’s simply being the last place to come off.  This is the first come,  last serve theory.
    This may help to explain why abdominal exercises have little impact on body fat loss.  It's a mistake to think that hundreds of reps of ab exercises will remove lower abdominal fat, except to the degree that it burns calories and contributes to the calorie deficit.  What removes the fat is a calorie deficit and that comes from decreasing food intake, increasing activity, or a combination of both. 
    Cut back the ab training, spend the time for more intense, calorie burning cardio and weight training for the rest of the body.

You can’t out train a lousy diet", the nutrition experts say.
    Hundred reps of ab work a day will not help to get a great abs if the diet is lousy and lead to fat storage, all the ab exercises in the world won't help if the body fat still covering the muscles. 
    To get a great set of abs, forget about doing hundreds of crunches and sit-ups a day, the key is to reduce the body fat down to a single digit, doing about 15-20 minutes of ab work two times per week, and with a specialized fat-burning diet program.  
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